panur_links (panur_links) wrote in sk_rating,

Asakura twincest invite!


This is Team Hermions speaking, new owners of the ASAKURA TWINCEST CLUB, cordially inviting you to join now this amazing community!

Celebrating news of the soon-to-be new volume of the Shaman King manga, and after miraculously surviving the Strikethrough on LJ, we are once again opening the oh so missed twincesty community!

Unfortunately, because of LJ regulations, we are forced to make the community friends locked from now on, meaning you need to have added us to your friends list before being able to view and/or post on it… But anything to keep our little Hao/Yoh heaven running, right?

This is why we are mailing this invites for you to take a look and hopefully join, cavort in the goodness that is the Asakura Twincest and spread the much neglected love!

Anyway, please, at least come take a look, and, in the case you no longer are a fan, but still have fanwork of any type, it’d be much appreciated if you joined anyway, if just to share your old work with the rest of the fans. We promise we’ll do our best to keep this com rolling, and that no post shall go unanswered and no fanfic unreviewed!!

Thanks for all!

Team Hermions ~<3

P.S: Your address was retrieved by a careful looking through several places, such as LJ,, deviantart,, y!gallery and so many others…. Please don’t be offended if you end up being notified more than once, as so far we’ve gathered over 700 addresses, it was but a slip.
P.S2: If this is against the rules, feel free to delete this comment/ask me to delete it, I'll do it ASAP, and sorry for the inconvenience.
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