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shaman king

rockers my boxers

shaman king rating ^_~
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a little about me ^_^ well i have brown hair,green/blue eyes and i'm a anmie freek. one of my fav... anmie is inuyasha and shaman king becouse they was my first anmie i watched.

all anmie i have watched

DN angel
princess tutu
dragon ball
dragon ball z
dragon ball gt
one pice
full metal alchemist
samari champloo
.... ok that is almost all but i really don't feel like doing the other's right now...

a few good friend's of mine
lilc_101who is my rl cousin. she is my big sis but i am the mean one and i can fight well let's just say she count's on other people and i happen to be one of those people ^_^

alex well she is a good friend but i have to get her a lj ^_^

well i don't have to many friend's that i talk to on here but i'm alway's up for a new friend

YohxOrange is Funga Fu Fu Love

I pwnd Cloud in Kingdom Hearts

read the rulz befor joining please.
i just have a few rules

1. keep it clean we all know that shaman king is a bit wordy dirty but keep most of it clean.

2. give a little about your slef when you enter and become a part of this community.

3.and my main rule have fun do what ever just be nice and you can post stuff as you want to and if you don't that's ok just have fun. ^_^

4. ok as your subject you put wite danger.

if you folow these rules you'll be just fine ^_^

your favirot color:
are you lazy: yes/no
What do you feel is your best quality is?:
what about Your worst?:
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?:
Whose your least favourite character?:
What's your favourite pairing?:
If you were a character who would you want to be? why?:
Anything else?: